What Your SEO Company Is Getting Wrong

Search engine optimisation is the technique that companies use to enhance their search engine results. The goal of optimisation is for a company to end up as the top search result when people search for the services they provide. For example, if you’re selling popcorn machines, you want your company to show up as the first result whenever someone searches for popcorn machines. The techniques used to raise your results are called search engine optimisation.

If you’re running a business, you probably employ an SEO company to some extent. Some people hire freelancers to create articles for them; some people hire full-time companies to manage their web presences. Whichever kind of arrangement you have, your SEO Company is probably doing it wrong.

What Your SEO Company Is Getting Wrong

How They’re Wasting Your Money

Far too many SEO companies focus exclusively on keywords and website traffic. Obviously, these are incredibly important metrics that help a company gauge how effective their SEO is. You can keep track of how many people are visiting your site and how they are getting there. That way you can judge which words are most effective at driving customers to your site. However, those metrics don’t gauge what customers do once they’re on your website. Your amount of web traffic is important but equally as important is the visitor’s behaviour.

You want to know how long they’re on your website, which pages they’re visiting, which articles they’re reading, and how many of them are actually buying anything. Until they buy something, they’re just visitors. If you’re selling advertising space, that’s pretty useful. However, if you’re trying to sell products or services, you need them to make a purchase.

How the Best Companies Optimise Your Site

The very best SEO services in Dubai track data along many different axis. They’re able to monitor visitor behaviour as well as the results of their efforts. Therefore, they’re able to judge what is most effective. Many companies design websites to increase search engine results and increase traffic. The very best companies design websites to increase the number of customers. That means the websites are designed to draw customers in and to gently encourage them to make a purchase.

These quality companies focus on something that the others do not: return on investment. Are you making more money in sales than you paid to hire the SEO Company? The companies you want to keep this metric in mind. It allows them to provide you with quality services.

The very best companies involve you in the process. They’ll not only take steps to enhance your digital marketing, but they’ll also send you recommendations about how they think they could improve your business’s outlook. This is just more proof that you should be working with a company that focuses on your return on investment. Traffic and clicks are great, but if they’re not translating into purchases, then they’re not terribly useful. Keeping track of the money made and how you could be making more is far more important.

Once you work with the best, you’ll see the difference.