Operating System for a New Phone: Android, iOS or other?

There is no secret that Android OS, in fact, dominates all over the world being installed not only on smartphones but also on tablets and even laptops. And experts say that there is s great reason for it. Android based phones have much more options than any other OS in the world; they come in all prices and types in order to match the needs of every buyer. They have lots of possibilities of overall sizes, designs, screen sizes, functions and capabilities. Moreover, when getting an Android phone you purchase not only a fixed phone you get a possibility to customize it with various launch panels, gadgets, keyboard types, etc. You basically get an open OS on your phone. A lot of phone makers who use Android OS for their production, for example Samsung or LG, have special tricks with the software which has some enhancements, for example, you have more-robust multitasking or easier access to settings.

The latest version of Android on the market is 5.0 Lollipop. It offers a slicker and much more intuitive design, with lots of improved quick settings, and a special Priority Mode. Though Android provides more and more people with newer OSs it does not mean that it becomes unaffordable for ordinary people. If you check Android cell phones prices on the Internet you will see that they come in all price categories so this is a universal OS which can be purchase by any person with almost any income.

iOS 8
Every iOS has its own characteristics, but the latest iOS 8 is installed on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It has lots of new enhancements. It provides you with an improved Photos app, lots of interactive notifications and the great ability to swap out the keyboard. Moreover, here you have a possibility to share iTunes for six people now.
The main reason of choosing an iOS device is it’s the greatest selection of apps. Specially created Apple’s App Store according to the professionals’ reviews gets the hottest apps and games even before Android does. But in general it happens only because iOS market is smaller than the Android’s one so it is easier for developers to create enough settings to match every single item running with iOS system.

Windows Phone
Windows Phones has never been the leaders of pop charts but professionals say that everything will soon change because of the upcoming Windows 10. It will be a perfect match because developers will be able to port both Android and iOS apps to this platform. The main greatest features of Windows Phones are a dynamic Start screen and undoubtedly the Cortana digital assistant.

And the last but not least popular choice of contemporary buyers is BlackBerry. People say that once you try it, you will never stop using it. The company itself was formerly known as RIM. If you compare BlackBerry prices with the other OSs you will see pretty pleasant numbers next to BlackBerry pictures. Some more advantages of these phones include a Hub which aggregates everything from e-mail to all the social updates in only one place. It is perfect multitasking phone, and you can always get a nice physical keyboard from the BlackBerry Classic.