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iBaroodyWhatever be the reason, my experience in hiring a search engine optimization service was not as expected. Though it was a good and reliable company the results were not satisfying. My business did not profit from the assured services that the SEO Company had promised. As a result, in search of some new methods to increase the popularity of my business I found free web submissions lists. These were indeed very similar to providing results like a search engine optimization services. It differed majorly in the format and submission type.

The web directories organized links under various categories and sub-categories which was totally different while doing SEO where keywords and phrases mattered. Realizing this complete new way of advertising and promoting and upon considering the products and services my business offered, I was sure that my company would gain popularity now. I always wanted to spread my contact and foster my business to wider and greater limits. This aspiration was met with the help of this free web directory. Though many businesses failed to recognize the significance of submitting their websites to internet directories, I was happy to know that I did not fall in that category.

It was all due to a false hype that web engines got most web masters. The reality was different. I found that many web search engines used by these web directories were potent referral system which were dormant and not being used at the present moment. Thus, rather than going it way round from SEO company to Web directories, submitting my company’s website directly here was much more beneficial. Though the process of manually submitting links to the web directory was a bit tiring, there were great benefits associated with it when it was approved and included in the list. As the search engines consider it as a validation, they attach more value to your website.

The major advantages of submitting my website to the best web directory included:

ü  Quick indexing

The search engines recognized my business very fast and thus, led to fast and quick indexing. I built numerous links to my website and connected each of it to the homepage of my own website. Moreover my company’s website gained attention of the new search engines as it was already validated in the web submissions free lists.

ü  Focused only targeted traffic

As there were categories and sub-categories listings on the web directory, it was very easy for the user as well as the submitter to go to the perfect website without putting any extra effort. Contacting this web directory, there was no chance of any possibility of my website link getting listed in any wrong category.

ü  Allowing anchor texts

I was told to give a title to my link while submitting my website to the web directory submissions. It was different than the activity where I could unlimitedly add URL free lists, this title contained keywords which connected as an anchor text for search engine optimization and improved rankings.

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